People working in finance are often seen as boring, nitpicking, antisocial people. Everyone automatically envisions a bookkeeper at a corner desk who’s working on Excell files all day. Over the last decade however, financial functions have shifted from being repetitive and mainly focused on reporting, to more multidisciplinary functions. M2-Consulting offers a wide range of finance related services and is therefore #NotYourTypicalFinancial!
Let us briefly describe why:

  1. M2-Consulting has proven experience in IT related financial topics. Nowadays, finance and IT are closely related within every organisation. Financials have a clear overview on all business processes, which makes them very reliable partners in ERP-implementations, transitions and digitalization.
  2. M2-Consulting is convinced that reporting shouldn’t be the main task of a financial. The reporting outcomes should be analysed and shared with the company. And thus, financials should shift to being business partners for other departments within the organisation. M2-Consulting is both business-oriented and pragmatic.
  3. M2-Consulting offers sustainable solutions, involving all stakeholders. This ensures that the proposed solutions are embraced by the entire organisation, making the change easier.
  4. M2-Consulting works from a people-oriented perspective. It’s the people that make the organisation, not the process or the system. Projects in which change is involved can only succeed when people are motivated. M2-Consulting has proven abilities regarding team coaching and uses them to keep your employees motivated.
  5. And last but not least, on top of that, M2-Consulting will spice up your financial department with an energetic vibe and a good sense of humour!